Cat bite hurts, is it infected??

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asked Sep 14, 2015 in Health by Pomtri (120 points)
My cat bit me earlier today, as I was petting him he flipped over, grabbed my hand, and started kicking and biting. I brushed it off, because usually cat bites I get stop hurting and fade away after a few days. It kept hurting, and he made one VERY deep hole in the back of my hand which had clear liquid and blood coming out of it. My hand hurts a lot, and touching the marks even slightly hurts SO MUCH. There are no visible red marks and not too much swelling.. Help please?

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answered Sep 24, 2015 by Toons (320 points)
I have been bit by my old cats multiple times I have never gotten infected from it once tho. I recommend getting some neoprene and putting it on the bit along with a band-aid that has some sort of antibiotic or also has neoprene on it and I'd should show improvement in a few days or so if it doesn't and proceeds to worsen contact your doctor or a local free clinic and they should have no problem clearing that up for you.

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