My dad wont buy me stuff , is this okay?

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So my dad said if i picked this course he wont support me. He earns 45k - 48k a year and is the main source of income in the family. It was too late for me to change when he said this so i just said okay but now im thinking if this is okay for him to not buy me anything. By this i literally mean anything. He has not spent a single penny on me however he pays rent and stuff on the house but my mum is struggling to pay for my stuff since she doesnt earn a lot. I was going to tell social services but then i thought its not a real problem as my mum still attempts to buy me stuff (clothes,stationary,lunch money,etc,travel money). Thanks

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answered Oct 9, 2015 by SamanthaJox (2,980 points)
Just because someone won't buy you what you want isn't a good enough reason to call social services.  He still provides a home for you,  he still provides food.
Your parents won't be around forever, so instead of expecting them to buy you everything,  you need to learn how to make your own money.
commented Oct 10, 2015 by DammitSammy (9,000 points)
Yeah  if your parents let you live with them and if they buy you food then you're fine. You should be able to buy your own clothes and other things that arent necessary.
commented Oct 11, 2015 by DeepQuestions (120 points)
I havent bought clothes for 2 years

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