iHELP!!!! Im lost and confused, i have no path or direction and im about to be homless. what do i do?!

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asked Oct 12, 2015 in Other by frnkrivera41 (540 points)
My mother wanted to have an abbortion with me but my grandmother stoped her. My grandmother lives far away so staying with her isnt an option. My mother left me stranded in our house which is now under forclosure and the goverment isnt giving me welfare or any type of assistance because im 19 and i dont qualify for it. I tried a shelter but theyre packed and im realizing that im running out of options. I lost my job and im about to lose my bf because of all of the stress my life has put on him. I dont blame him because he has paid everything for me and i dont help him at all. Im considering the army but idk if i qualify. I refuse to be in the streets and beg for cash. Id much rather kill myself but im not a quitter and death isnt an option. But i need help and some sort of guidance. I dont know what im going to do and my time is running out.

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answered Oct 14, 2015 by Olena (190 points)
I don't know if this wold work in your situation but, I think looking for a job is your best option right now. And when you earn enough money to move to where your grandma is you can maybe go stay with her.

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