What is the easiest way to kill myself?

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asked Oct 14, 2015 in Health by death seeker (1,360 points)
reshown Oct 14, 2015 by death seeker
So i really dont fucking care what you think of me i just want to kill myself soon im making my suicide note rn as im writing this so i said some things i shouldnt have like how my older cousin raped me as a kid (well sorta) but anyways i also said i would kill myself if my girlfriend broke up with me cuz ive dated her for 7 months and panicked when she said we might need a break so i said that and now my mom found out made us break up after 7 months and 14 days before my birthday and now i just want to kill myself can someone tell me a bunch of different ways i can cuz im desperate and need help... Thanks

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answered Oct 15, 2015 by bandgeek18 (200 points)
Don't kill yourself, someone out there loves you. Don't hurt them like how others have hurt you. You're special, don't do it. Be happy
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answered Nov 15, 2015 by SimplyShe (1,900 points)
Please Don't
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answered Dec 13, 2015 by DarkMysticAngel (340 points)
alright, let me get this straight.. You feel like you want to kill your self then post it to an opinion based website, then you say you dont care what others think, then why did you post it online and your obviously expecting sympathy, i mean, how are we suppost to help you with your problems if you dont care what we think? Well here's what i think, Im really sorry that all that happened to you but you need to talk to your parents and ask this "will you support me through the rest of my life" if no, then leave them, if yes then stay with them. You need people who care, some people do but dont show it. Good luck!
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answered Dec 13, 2015 by PredatorsRreal (220 points)
Drinking bleach
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answered Dec 13, 2015 by Gema Ganeswara (440 points)
Delete this fuckin app, turn of ur internet. Take a knife, hit ur body . And please wait till u cannot breath. Game is over.
commented Dec 15, 2015 by avril (1,560 points)
This is the best way . Hahahhhhahahaga
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answered Jul 26, 2016 by Maddie.lasher (4,230 points)
Don't plz
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answered Nov 18, 2016 by 0 (530 points)
Are You kidding me ?
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answered Jan 6 by Jebus1381 (500 points)
Ok this is tricky but it works killed myself twice with this doozy. Get an extension cord and shove one end in your ads and plug the other one in.

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