How do i be a better kisser

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asked Oct 25, 2015 in Other by Danielle miller (460 points)
So my school is having a dance and I think my crush is going to kiss me but I am afraid that I am a bad kisser so how are some ways to make me a better kisser

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answered Oct 28, 2015 by Rocko43 (240 points)
The best way is to practice. Thats all i know.
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answered Oct 28, 2015 by SamanthaJox (2,980 points)
Practise and confidence! If you're shy about it, it isn't going to be as good as it could be.
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answered Nov 23, 2015 by Mopar319 (180 points)
Let him lead it. And if you're in high school use your tongue very gently on his.

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