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asked Nov 23, 2015 in Family & Relationships by Mopar319 (180 points)
Im 15. Ok so there's this girl that I've been talking to for like 6 months now why has it been that long? Because I was forced into a relationship while I was talking to her and it kinda put a hold on things. We started talking again a couple weeks ago but when I talk to her over the phone I don't know what to say. When I talk to her in person I know exactly what to say. But since I'm awkward over the phone and that's how I mostly talk to her that's all she sees. Like one time I got her to look past that and I drove her home from church and we listened to music and everything I walked her to her door and she was pretty nervous and I gave her a hug and she told me u smelled nice if that's not weird. But I have since then been my awkward self over the phone and I feel it has made things awkward. She hung out with me and everything but it seemed as though she'd be willing to ditch me at any given second. What do u do to fix this?

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answered Nov 24, 2015 by Kristen_Clttr (260 points)
Have you tried just being yourself? It might sound stupid, but when you're around or talking to someone that you like, you get nervous and act differently. You want to seem perfect to them. If you've known her that long, you two have got to have something in common. While in the midst of your talking you night even find a common interest you both share that you didn't even know about! Good luck!!

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