I need help remembering the name of a book!

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asked Jan 12, 2016 in Entertainment & Music by TexanCoyote1 (130 points)
I'm trying to remember a book but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the book. However I do remember a huge amount of details about the book

I remember that the book starts out with some kid getting a weird CD from a friend.

He takes it home and it turns out to be this insanly realistic video game. But when the game asks for his name, he enters in a fake one, and the game knows that it wasn't his name. Then he picks some name like Cornipus and the game makes fun of him and how original he was. As the book goes on he levels up more and more

(Small detail- the levels of each character in the game was above each player as a green number)

I know that he was getting really into the game, eventually he would meet this wizard that would level him up, and at the end of the book it turns out that some of the people from his school were planning this Shooting/Crime (I dont remember the specifics)

If y'all could help me it would be greatly appreciated. And if you have any questions I would gladly answer them.


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