Was he a hit it and quit it?

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asked Feb 16, 2016 in Family & Relationships by Alyson95 (130 points)
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So i started dating a guy and things went pretty fast for us, btw im 20 and hes 26. Within 2 weeks we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. He was so nice with me and i felt so safe to be around him and him holding me. Anyways so he has a kid, hes going through a custody battle with the mother, his ex of 2 years. She is supposedly really crazy and psycho obsessed  for him and doesnt want to let him go, but he wants nothing to do with her. The kid is now 6 months, and i believe they ended things when that kid was about a month. He has other things going on, which he told me at the begining of our relationship, but i never asked about it or her for that matter because i didnt want to pester him about it, i figured when he was ready he would tell me. Well the short time we spent together was beyond amazing. We both work together but our schedules are so different which made it hard to hang out and i am also going to school. For example i would open the store and then he would be scheduled the same day but for closing. We would try to rearrange our lunchs so we could hang out together, even come early before work for the one who had a early shift or come back for the one who had the late shift. What was strange for me was that everytime i asked to hang out when we were both off, he would always make excuses although his kid might have something to do with that. We did go to the movies one time after i got off of work. Well the 3rd week we were together i decided to have my first time with him. I do not regret it at all, i feel fine about it. I was actually thinking alot about it,before i even knew him, i really didnt want to be a virgin anymore and i wanted to get it over with. After that night i noticed that he would text back either 3 hours later or not at all. But then the following day eveything seemed fine. Then again with the texting situation but at work he was fine with me. I have alot of patience and i tend to not let the little things that can't be helped bother me. But i was starting to lose my patience as i think anyone would. My heart was breaking at the thought of losing him. The next time i saw him was about 3 days later, he didnt text me the day before or the next day. Here is why texting was important to me, we hardly saw eachother as it is so texting was the only way we could communicate through our relationship. Anyways, so i saw him and he tells me that he cant be in a relationship at the moment becasue of everything hes going through with his custody battle, he told me that this break up had nothing to do with me, that he doesnt want me to hate him, and that he still wants us to talk. I couldn't say anything, im the kind of person that has to think about things first before i say anything. He asked if i was okay, and i just nodded yes with my lips pressed together. He gave me a hug and left. later i realized why he didnt text me while he was at work. They were doing really big construction in his department and it was so much work that you forget you even have a phone. Ive been crying for a week now, and i know it was only about a month but he was my first everything! My first boyfriend, and first time. Thats really hard to get over. Eveyone is telling me he was a hit it and quit it, my guy friends says say that it was definitely that cause they say that all guys think the same. I really dont want to think of him like that, i hope i knew him enough to know that he wasnt like that. Hes very quit and keeps to himself at work but i got to see a side of him that no one else at work has seen. So no one really knows him, they claim to know that type of guy he is by looking at him and the few words he does say. Im an over thinker so all i can think about is this and if i gave it up for the wrong person. So people putting all these what ifs in my brain is driving me crazy! I dont want to ask him if all he wanted from me was sex cause if its not true im gonna be the jerk for insinuating that. Ive seen him once since we broke up and of course it was very weird but atleast he said hi to me, and he still has me on facebook. Could he be protecting me from his pshyco ex and not telling me so i dont freak out? Was it all just about sex? Will i ever get a confirmed answer?

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