clash of clans log in problem how i solve this plz help

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asked Feb 24, 2016 in Games & Recreation by faizan malik (260 points)
I am facing login problem in clash of clan i open game and the msg will apear "login failed please try again later" how i solve this problem plz help i m playing this game in huawei p8 lite before its working very well but i dont know what hapend with my game plz help

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answered Mar 3, 2016 by OfficialMakkyZ (520 points)
You can solve it by deleting Clash Of Clans and then never re-installing or playing that terrible game ever again. That app sucks.
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answered Sep 3, 2016 by DUMP ACCOUNT2 (7,270 points)
Don't play the game. Sorry "Mobile Game" it doesn't have the right to be an actual game. Like Flash Games. They don't have that right either. Just uninstall it, take out your battery, eat it. Then burn your phone to get rid of the cancer.

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