How much am i taxed on 107000

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asked Feb 24, 2016 in Business & Finance by Damnedindenial (490 points)
OK so I am a nurse I'm 26 years old and married no kids
I work 2 nursing jobs 3 12 hour days each so 6 12 hour days total
I used to be in the navy so this still feels easy compared to being a cs on a ship and working 14 to 20 hours 7 days a week for 9 months
I earn before taxed about 107000 how is this taxed how much am i taxed? I know it may be different because I own 2 jobs

I own a home free and clear and have no college debt because of the gi bill and we are able to live on just my sweethearts income which is 30k I save 100 percent of my income my end goal is to start buying some local businesses in the next couple of years and find a team to run with

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