Im worried about him

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I have been with my boyfriend for a good 3 months now, he likes to joke alot. Sometimes though I get upset with him, and he asks whats wrong?
I glare as if nothing is wrong and I try to keep it to myself, but he just doesnt let me.
He asks again and again what is it!??
I ask why he wanted to know(being im upset he takes things like a joke) he says because it worries me!
I said no. He then had a meltdown but an emotional one that scared me, he said please tell me you dont know what im thinking of right now!
I said for him to please calm down, he said no I cant this is how I work I think the worst, maybe shes cheating, maybe she is just playing me, maybe shes out to get me.
I said sorry after he did this and tried to comfort him, but he was in an emotional wreck.
I asked why he thought this way, he had been hurt before by whom he loved and it broke him to pieces.
I responded with id do anything to make it up to you, he said give me wishes and he laughed.
I was like yeah yeah okay haha he says what I really want is for you to be okay, and to sleep. This happened late evening and we talked till 2:00am about it. I said i cant sleep, he says ok then ill be upset with you.
I remarked why?!? Because...if you arent asleep I cant sleep and I will get sick thinking about you worrying.
So as you know we both went to sleep.
But should i be concerned that he thinks this way, or am I being too dramatic. Mind you I have no experience he is my first relationship.

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Hey! I have two years with my boyfriend, & all I want to tell you is that the best thing to do is talk. I promise it will help you guys alot! All you need is to communicate, let him tell you how he feels & you tell him how you feel, oh & by the way, the best thing in a relationship is trust. You have to trust in him & he has to trust in you. Keep in mind that if you are with him is because you chosed him of all the other guys & he has nothing to worry about because you love him! Make sure you explain that to him:)
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Thx so much this helped alot :)

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