What does it mean when guys make direct eye contact with me?

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asked Mar 30, 2016 in Family & Relationships by Helpme88 (340 points)
A girl who may like my crush was hugging my crush today and he was just standing there. He wasn't hugging back, just standing. I tried not to look very often but I looked like twice and both times he was looking at me. What does this mean?
Or when my teacher talks in school about couples or proposals and things of that sort he glances at me sometimes?
Also there is another guy I have almost no chance with who sometimes makes eye contact and smiles at me in the hallway? Is he being friendly or what? I'm so confused!  Please help me! Thank you!

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answered Apr 4, 2016 by DirtySock (210 points)
Hi there,  they certainly do like you. In almost every case the popular Guys know how to stir up emotions and raise tension between you two. Eye contact is one of the most intense and important thing to do with any female. If you do like this guy next time he does make eye contact perhaps try looking right back into his and he should come over to talk to you. From much experience I know that you might get overwhelmed but control that, just remember to smile back at him and laugh, after all he should be making you laugh but don't be afraid to contribute to the conversation.  

Hope this helps out :-)
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answered Oct 1, 2016 by elawson71 (160 points)
It means they are feeling confident.  And. The girl must be exhuding confidence. Herself,as well,so he may feel comfortable. That you are at his level,and he may possibly. Have a chance. And may nit be rejected.
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answered Oct 2, 2016 by mohamed101 (180 points)
It's mean that there is a good impresion.

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