closed Im in love with my guy best friend (im a girl)

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Ok so me and my guy best friend have been best friends for awhile and he always flrits with me and i flirt with him like he tickles me and one time has hit my butt but one time he asked me if i would date him and i said no bc i dont want to wreck our friendship wich is ture he said the same thing after but i actualy think i love him i would die for him but this new girl came and they started dating he still flrits with me but then will fell guilty and start talking about her i act like it doesnt bother me but it kills me inside i cant tell him the trith bc then his gf will hate me and me and her are pretty close too plz help!
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If you truly love him, tell him straight up, you'll be there for him if it doesn't work out with new girl. Plus if it's true love just remind yourself how good you most be to him and how happy you are by not being jealous. Whatever you do don't make his new girl jealous either because you won't be able to be around him as much. Good luck, I married into love and then she became my best friend. I would have rather had what you have now then love.
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Wow thank you alot !

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