Help with reading a boys mind?

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asked Apr 30, 2016 in Family & Relationships by Helpme88 (340 points)
I'm not very good at reading a guy's mind So I need a little help. There's a guy who told me I was a quiet person (which I am, I get that a lot) and then another guy who was listening said that's not a bad thing (I also noticed his legs were close to me and facing me). And the first guy agreed. Now am I reading this too closely? Were they just being friendly? Or is one of them interested in me? Neither of them talked to me before this.
Another example is a kid in my class I see look at me often, and sometimes his feet are facing my direction. He never talks to me one on one, but he does talk to my friends around me. But he is always by this other girl and talks to her often. But he doesn't seem nervous or anything when he's by her. So what could be going on through these guys minds? Can anyone help me? Please and thank you!!

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answered May 7, 2016 by Wolfy (240 points)
Okay let's start with....  Your a girl...  You have a vagina.... And they are guys... They have a dick.... The only thing on there mind is how your butt, boob's,  and what your vagina will feel like if they can get in your pants...  Be your quiet self....  But don't be deceived...  Guys are noticing you more now because most guys are horn dogs and want sex... They will do anything to get your v card... Be nice to them but don't be naive.... Their are very few guys who want an actual relationship until they are almost out of highschool.... Even then they are still players... So choose wisely who u let in your life and inbetween your thighs....
commented Dec 6, 2016 by Mopar319 (180 points)
Don't listen to this person up there ^^ they're over reacting. All they are doing is being nice and joking around. I'm a guy and I'm always called a flirt. I don't know I'm doing but I am and it makes some girls mad sometimes because they read too much into it...

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