I like someone and I think he knows I like him! What do I do if he REALLY finds out.

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asked May 14, 2016 in Other by JCDOOMSDAY (270 points)
Well I first started liking him after an event, we were partners in a gardening situation. (I'm a guy as well, but I'm not afraid of much, I usually face my fears really well, and I would do anything no matter how embarrassing it would be) well we talked a lot and I grew more and more closely. So once the end I had to go, I could imagine leaving him so I... HUGGED him!!!! Okay it was a bit awkward because of his reaction it was like "WOAH, DUDE!!" With a nervous laugh. But it was fine because I brushed it and waved goodbye.
Today I just stared at him as he tricked me in a game of cards, I didn't give 25 fucks about losing... in fact I let him win. (P.S. I never thought myself as gay)

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answered May 17, 2016 by Dark_angel (1,590 points)
Well, you should tell him on how you feel about him. And maybe he'll like you back.  Well my answer to this also is I have no idea.

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