I have a realation ship probleme i really need help with please help me

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asked Jun 18, 2016 in Family & Relationships by Dylan (170 points)
A few months ago i told the girl i have a crush on that i had feelings for her and ever since we have been friends but recently i asked her out to go see a movie and when she  but ever since her parents said she was not allowed to date she has seemed to be kind of quiet and seems to act diffrent around me now and im just wondering why she is like this because around other people she is fine but around me she is kind of quiet and im just wondering why she could be acting like this

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answered Jun 26, 2016 by Rina Elis (290 points)
It might be just an excused that she made up by saying her parents not allowed her or she is trying to forget you by quite to you cuz her parents told her to,  its just my opinion, didnt meant to judge. But you the one knowing her better...

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