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There's a boy i really like him sence when i was sma i liked him but i didnt know then after 4 years i saw him again and i fall in love with him i really miss him so much because he  mived to abother country about 4 years ago and i only see him 1 a year or some years not i feel like he do like me but he never ever talked to me he always stares at me and smile at me and when i try to smile T him back i cant see his face i dint know why because i get like red when i know that he is smiling at me or stares at me i tryto look at him i  cant i only see black but whens he is far or ge is not looking i can see him i have feelings for him and i just can get over him i want to get over him because is just nothing i just like him si much and stuff but what if he dont know i dint even know if he likes me or not
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I would let him know how you feel first beacuse I liked a guy a really long time and he knew but nothing ever happened and now we don't really talk
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same i think he knows but nothing happens

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