shall i give up on him

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asked Oct 30, 2016 in Family & Relationships by Lifeislife (290 points)

my crush knows that i like him but he is rude he started hiding his posts and picture from me shall i be rude to him to or just act like i dont care but i hate because when you know that somebody is fighting for u but you just  dont do anything for them 

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answered Nov 1, 2016 by Aelahuntress (190 points)
Let him go. I speak from experience, this is a toxic situation to be in. I was in a relationship for two years similar to this. He took my virginity, I was told daily how much I was loved, we planned a future, we conceived a child, we lost our child, I was used for another 6 months, then I was tossed aside. Please, PLEASE. Do not do this to yourself. If he knows you like him and he is acting rude, and sneaky, he does not like you. I'm sorry to say, but it's important for you to realize that. You should never give your all to someone who refuses to give their all in return. You're going to end up broken hearted, and he'll end up with another notch on his belt.
Do not be rude about it. If you are rude about it then that will show him you care. Of course you care, it's human nature to care. Make him think you couldn't care less about his sorry ass. You get rid of him on social media, you get rid of his contact information, you ignore him in school or any other public setting. You move on. You go out and have e fun with your best friends, take pictures together, put on a brave happy face and share that with the world. Show him you're capable of being happy without him. Show him what he missed out on.
Please make the right decision. You seem young. You're going to have so many chances to have a boyfriend. Focus on school, friendships, hobbies. Focus on loving yourself so you can understand the type of guy you DESERVE. Do not settle for someone who won't even meet you half way.

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