How did i get chlamydia in a faithful relationship?

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asked Jan 27, 2017 in Health by BillyJoel1234 (120 points)
Okay so recently I got tested and tested positive for chlamydia. The only thing was we both didn't bring anyone into this relationship. The nurse kept assuming and passing the idea my partner was or is cheating. I argued with that nurse to save my relationship and tell that rude nurse my past history and that no one cheated. In the past I was raped and they gave my chlamydia, but I got tested after that and I was tested negative. I Googled that chlamydia doesn't fully go away. It can  in your stomach and it can come back.. when we had sex we used a sex toy and my partner put it in my butt then in my vagina. Could that be another factor to getting chlamydia again? After we had sex the next day I started getting symptoms like a yeast infection. I got treated for that but then got a call telling me I got chlamydia. I've been with my partner for 2 years and counting. If I still had it he would have gotten it. Until now I tested positive, but he isn't having any symptoms nothing. I am positive he doesn't have anything. But the nurse assumed I cheated and I defended my relationship and partner. She argued with me that my partner cheated and that he brought this on me. We both had a serious conversation and we know no one cheated. So my question is how did I get chlamydia in a faithful relationship?

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