To pay or not to pay? That is the question.

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asked Jun 11, 2017 in Family & Relationships by Jenabean83 (140 points)
So for a few yrs I use to pay my cousin to babysit my 3 daughters. Once my oldest turned 15 I allowed her to stay home with my grandmom (whom I lived with and didn t feel the need for me to pay her)  while the youngest stayed with my cousin. She felt as though she was too old to have a babysitter which I agreeded she was old enough to legally have a paying job to babysit! When she turned 16 I felt as thought she was mature enough to watch them but not over night though she wasn't watching them my grandmother was. By then my 2nd oldest was 14 and no longer wanted a babysitter either. I often spent every other weekend with my boyfriend. So since they are older I allowed all 3 of them to stay home with my grandmother, no longer needing my cousin. A couple of weeks ago I moved in my cousin and my daughters are now 17 (getting ready to start college in a few months) 15, and 13. I paid her the first weekend, but the next weekend due I didn t even ask her because I don t really need her to babysit we live together. I pay my rent and I buy my own food? My daughters can fix their own meals, can do 90% of their own daily care, they are very independent and mature and they do take care of themselves because my cousin sleeps 70% of the time out of the day, (disability I rather not disclose) or is at the casino's with her mother, so her husband is up with them most of the time and he refuses me to pay him but my cousin takes the money instead. So my question is should I pay her when I don t really need her to babysit anymore and plus we live together?

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